Internal lithium-ion battery manufacturers

What are the domestic lithium battery manufacturer, what is domestic famous lithium-ion batteries manufacturers, Dongguan lithium-ion battery manufacturer ranking ... Baidu know often see many questions like this; today I'll introduce a better lithium-ion battery in Dongguan PACK - Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd.
Internal lithium-ion battery manufacturer varies greatly, especially in Shenzhen, grabbed a handful of the lithium battery package, but many third-rate fake plants, really does well is that several big. Lithium-battery manufacturers are divided into manufacturer with lithium-ion battery PACK. Lithium batteries manufacturer mainly producing cells, some also do package. Lithium-ion battery PACK factory make the battery package, or battery combination.
Dongguan Large is specialized in lithium batteries PACK Factory main products: 18650 Lithium-ion battery, 103450 Lithium batteries, lithium-ion battery design company. Large company has domestic advanced of manufacturing platform, gradually established has Guangdong production base, and Jiangsu production base and the Sichuan production base; domestic leading of battery application support platform, advanced of once battery and two times battery full performance test system and electronic products electricity parameter test system, domestic maximum of lithium battery security laboratory, and lithium battery environment laboratory, solution has lithium battery security performance and the environment adaptability test of platform problem, improve products of reliability, and security. Can be customized according to customer requirements, diversification of both batteries.
After years of effort, " The brand of LARGE "Brand famous in the industry, with more than 500 Industrial users to establish a long-term and stable service, supply and cooperation relationship, won wide trust and recognition. As the first battery application as the main orientation of high-tech private science and technology enterprises, large industrial market share in China in recent years, at an annual 30% more growth. Lithium battery products are mainly applied fields: POS machine, GPS, industrial computers, instrumentation, the b-machine, medical monitors, lose urine pump, smart Sweeper, printer, police lighting, etc.
Lithium battery manufacturers in China is very competitive, Dongguan Large with excellent lithium battery research and development team, professional factory of manufacturing experience and stability of core partners, in the field of lithium ion battery package is getting bigger, bigger and stronger.
Person: Tim.lee
Company: Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd
Add: Block A, Gaosheng Technology Zone, Nancheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, CN
Tel: 86-769-23182621


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