Application of lithium battery

Lithium battery and lithium ion battery is a development of process, lithium battery is a by lithium metal or lithium alloy for negative material of material, chemical reactions for oxidation restore reaction, SONY company invention has to carbon material for negative, to containing lithium of compounds as cathode of lithium battery, in charging and discharging process in the, no metal lithium exists, only lithium ion, this is lithium ion battery, this is a new of lithium battery.
From the perspective of use, lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries in the strict sense is different. Lithium metal used in lithium battery cathode, cathode with MnO2, and SOCl2 ,20 centuries 70 years after entering the practical, primarily used in some military and civilian small electrical appliances.
Now, the lithium ion battery is used more widely. Ever since the advent of lithium-ion batteries, its outstanding performance contributed to this new type of lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones, laptop computers, camcorders, cameras, audio products, power tool spare power supplies, power systems for vehicles and other fields. From the traditional trend of lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries, expanding the application field of lithium-ion batteries.
20 Century 90 Lithium batteries are mainly used on high-end portable devices such as cameras, cameras, 90 the late, cell phones started to become the most important markets for lithium-ion batteries. In this century, gradually complete monopoly in the mobile field, meanwhile, lithium-ion batteries in laptop applications rapid development. At present, the mobile phone is the main market square battery, laptop batteries made up the round lithium battery production 80%, lithium polymer batteries from mobile phones moving to laptops.
Judging from the development of li ion battery market in China, lithium-ion batteries will be more and better to replace nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydroxide battery or dance; IT Areas, laptop fast-growing mobile phone average replacement rate is not less than 15% digital product sales growth will drive the lithium battery shipments increased.
In addition to these portable lithium batteries, power tools, backup power and automotive lithium-ion batteries power shows the future broad prospects for application. Also, lithium-ion battery is being deployed in military field.
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