Lithium-ion batteries, redox flow batteries and lithium-ion capacitor

With electric vehicles and large battery systems for fixed position in family and social life of the growing popularity of rechargeable battery Ni-MH batteries lithium-ion batteries gradually after the completion of the transition, not only lithium battery research and development direction of a multipurpose development trend, but also the birth of the lithium ion capacitor and two new storage of redox flow battery technology. The following advantages and disadvantages of the three storage modes for comparison:
1. And lithium battery using lithium ion in plus or minus very between of back and forth embedded and off embedded for chemical reactions and work, so can combination into variety cathode material and negative material to achieved different of purpose, as high power type, and big capacity type, and resistance high temperature type, and long life type, different highlight performance of lithium battery, but while get straight or more items important parameter excellent of lithium battery also need materials technology of revolution. Power type lithium batteries currently more developed areas on a global basis is, Europe, East Asia, lithium battery power, such as China, Japan and South Korea.
2. Lithium ion capacitors are improved varieties of the traditional electric double-layer capacitor, anode with lithium-ion batteries for the same principle, the positive effect of electric double layer capacitance. In this way, lithium ion capacitor both have electric double-layer capacitors for high power and long life advantages, and has the characteristics of high capacity lithium ion battery, lithium ion capacitor than high energy density electric double layer capacitor is because the unit's voltage and capacitance increases. This effect is implemented through two ways: (1).by adding lithium-ion capacitor from the traditional electric double-layer capacitor voltage from 2.5V~3V up to 4V.(2).the cathode, a lithium-ion can be obtained, Thus above original activated carbon for electric double layer capacitor and raise at least 1 times the capacity.
3. Redox flow batteries are used diaphragm isolating the two ions, set in a solution of two electrodes (anode and cathode) solution through liquid storage tank with a pump begins circulating separately oxidation and reduction reactions.
Redox flow battery lower energy density than lithium-ion batteries, but you can easily increase the output power (through the addition of units stack) and capacity (through the addition of vanadium solution tank), so for large storage facilities for high power and large capacity has a special advantage, has become one of energy power battery cars driven.

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